small or medium-sized enterprise?

Then we are your personal social media department



Never think about social media again!
We take care of your content and
play them out in time for you.


Time pressure

Never post for hours again!
Just watch how your feed changes
fills by itself.



No more regretting that you don't actually have money for social media! We offer you attractive prices for all our content packages.

Our packages

What we do

unique for you

Initial interview
Marketing Consulting
Creation of a personal concept
Creation of a personal design
Finding your own style of speaking

What we do

monthly for you

Individual text creation
Image and graphic editing
Licenses, Software & Stock Images
Creation of an editorial plan
Customized geo & hashtagging
Personal contact
Two correction loops
Manage and plan/schedule
Determining the perfect posting time
Publish playouts
Your selection options
10 plays per month

Simple box

Postings ¹ every third day
A social media channel included
20 plays per month

Double pack

Postings ¹ every second day
Of which up to 10 image galleries
Of which up to 10 Reels or Stories ²
A social media channel included
30 plays per month

Triple palette

Postings ¹ every day
Of which up to 15 image galleries
Of which up to 10 Reels or Stories ²
Company entry ³ in up to 40
Yellow pages
Monthly evaluation
A social media channel included
Topic research
Research of topics and
Content ideas
Manage and plan
Determining the perfect posting time
Publish postings
Other social media channels
Available social media channels
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¹ Image or video posting - Image or video posting - The posting can be made as a graphic/image, moving image or as a single graphic/image followed by an image gallery (multi-photos). Please note that we cannot exceed the video length depending on the social media channel (e.g. Instagram of 60 seconds).
² Story - A story is a sequence of up to 15 seconds and can be an image or video posting.
³ Company entry - We create, publish and update a company entry in up to 40 business directories on the most important portals.



You will receive a booked number of postings every month
You will be supervised by your personal graphic designer, copywriter and social media manager
You decide whether we play only one or several channels
You get content that stands out and is optimized for social media
You convey your content precisely
understandable to your customers
You inform about current sales promotions, events and news
You keep your colors, design shapes and fonts
Let yourself
be known
There's not much to think about: Write us what you need and we'll get back to you!
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